(Binary Solo) 0000001 00000011 000000111 0000111

It was only as I went to write a blog post for today (welcome to the present!) that I realized I hadn’t actually finished my studying according to my plan. Yes, for the first time I have failed to meet my study goals. But given that it is 9:30 PM already, and I am rather tired, I think it is prudent to not try to learn the latter half of the chapter on partial differentiation right now. After all, the goal is to study, not just to put a check in the box. It will just mean a rather busier day tomorrow, or perhaps having to push something into the weekend. Not the end of the world!

What I did get done today (besides an assortment of personal errands and such) was another couple lessons in my Python course. I’m up past 80% complete now! I have another session scheduled tomorrow, and I plan to finish everything except the final project then. Today I learned about bitwise operators, which meant the joy of trying to think in binary. Not impossible, but never as easy as good old base 10!

So today was a little light on the studying, but I’m still satisfied with what I accomplished and looking forward to crushing tomorrow!