Let’s Get It Started

Well, this is it! Okay, not it it. Classes don’t start for another week. But tomorrow, for the first time in a long while, I have a schedule. I have places to be. I’m officially setting foot on campus as a student. I’m nervous, because I’m me and I’m always nervous about meeting new people and navigating social situations, and I’m nervous because I’m half-paralyzed with doubt about this. It’s such a huge, huge change in my life, and I thought I was mentally prepared but now I don’t think I am. But, I don’t know if I ever could be prepared, so all there is to do is jump in and do it!

I have not posted about my studies because they have been nonexistent. I know it sounds crazy to say that moving can completely consume one’s life for weeks on end, but it did in my case! Whether it was cleaning my new condo from top to bottom (an effort of three days and countless buckets of soapy water), making three trips to IKEA sans car(which is 35 miles away—my favorite trip was when I missed the bus and had to take a 3-hour public transit trip by way of Joliet), putting together 24 cartons of IKEA furniture (a drill helps a lot, but my poor fingers are still torn up), or trying to figure out how to fix a trickling toilet (I still can’t believe it was a $7 part and took 2 seconds), I’ve been B-U-S-Y. Oh and I also spent some time turning 30 in there (eek!). The good news is that I am mostly done, just in time! I have about 2 boxes left of random stuff from my old desk that I need to put away—and I may need another piece of furniture, as my new desk has less in the way of storage—and I have got to most of the biggest to-do items. The biggest outstanding one is my dang shower, which basically won’t give more than a limp trickle of hot water. I got a plumber here today to fix it only to discover that my shower for some godawful reason doesn’t have its own shutoff valve, so I have to arrange with the HOA to shut off water to the entire building. Which requires 48 hours notice and has to be between 9 and 4 on a weekday, so gods know when I’ll have a chance to do that. Yay cold showers in the meantime. Guess it’s good for my hair…

Anyway, that’s all the hullabaloo around these parts. Hopefully tomorrow and the rest of this week will make me feel more confident and comfortable in this journey I am embarking on. Or it will just make me even more nervous! Time will tell. In the meantime, I need to check the weather for tomorrow and figure out my biking route!