Why’d You Have to Go and Make Things So Complicated?

Phew, what a day! My boyfriend is out of town and I managed to keep myself so busy that I missed dinner and started crying while out on my evening walk. I got a lot done, though!

Today’s studying finished out the chapter on complex numbers in Mathematical Methods. It got into hyperbolic functions, and I had some fun showing some of the hyperbolic function identities and inverses. I also got to practice more manipulation and using de Moivre’s theorem, so it was a good session. Plus the hyperbolic function names are so much fun to say, even if only in my head. Kosh! Cinch! Tanch!

I also returned to my Python course at Codecademy today. I got into the more advanced part of the course where they just give you a prompt (Define a function that will calculate a Scrabble score, given this dictionary of letter values!) and a blank (or mostly blank) script editor and send you on your way. Definitely frustrating at times but a better way to learn. I had one memorable moment where I spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out why my perfectly set up code wouldn’t work only to finally realize that I had tried to increment with =+ instead of +=. Ahh, coding. I didn’t get quite as far as I had expected—only 10% progress to 71%—but since it was very productive I don’t mind.

I missed getting into the physics today, though, and I am looking forward to cracking open Volume II of Tipler and Mosca tomorrow!

Today’s fun “new” fact: The main hyperbolic function identity is just slightly different than that of the main trigonometric identity! On the one hand: , and on the other: !